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Hi there

I have uploaded a screenshot for each issue/question that I have here:!AqYMyUG4fbVokHY0r0NSFGvldW5S?e=GjZohq

#4 Seems to be resolved as I am now getting the Payment Request Buttons

In the meanwhile I have come across 6 additional issues/clarifications:

#5 My Account – Change Payment Option
As you can see in the screenshot the title “Credit or debit card” and the bullet point are misaligned

#6 Mini Cart
The Payment request button (e.g. Apple Pay) does not appear
The Paypal checkout button appears but is misaligned and does have to correct size when compared to the other buttons (view cart or checkout)

#7 Product View
The Payment request button does have to correct size when compared to the “add to cart” button
The button separator “-OR-” is also formatted inconsistently across the different pages (see issue #8)

#8 Cart View
The order of the buttons should be changed so that either the default “Proceed to Checkout” button comes last (our preferred option) or last but not in between the other optional payment/checkout options.
In addition there is an inconsistency with the payment option separator: “-OR-” vs “-or-“. We would prefer the lower case option across all screens where this separator is used.

#9 Social Share on Product Page
The social share can only turned on or off. Is there an option to select which social platforms are available to that we can select the ones that we would like to show?

#10 Mini Cart Type Options
We like the Mini Cart but would prefer to have the option where we can have the Mini Cart in the Header but it is possible to turn off the hover effect the shows the Mini Cart. Only clicking would be allowed that would direct you to the Cart Page.

Your support is much appreciated